Specialized Savings Opportunities

Zero Cost Processing


 The Zero-Cost Processing (“ZCP”) service is designed to reduce a business’s cost of credit card acceptance to zero-net-cost by adding a surcharge paid by the consumer. New rules that became effective January 27, 2013 allow merchants to impose a fee for the use of credit cards. This a fully compliant solution to take advantage of the new regulations which allow merchants to pass along credit card processing fees to consumers. Merchants are not permitted to impose a fee for the use of debit cards. Our patent-pending technology ensures regulatory compliance by determining whether a given card is a credit card or a debit card before the transaction is processed. ZCP automatically applies a fee whenever a credit card is swiped or entered so that the merchant gets back most, if not all, of its processing costs. Compliance is critical and our team takes all the necessary steps to set up a merchant’s account with the right parameters ensuring the merchant is in compliance from the very first swipe. With ZCP the merchant keeps 100% of the savings. 

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Class Action Claims Consulting


 Class action settlement claims consulting provides clients with the ability to obtain their fair share of consumer and antitrust class action recoveries.

According to a 2010 study of class action settlements, less than 7% of class members received money owed to them from the majority of cases.

Our experienced team identifies and recovers class action funds that may be owed to our client’s businesses. Currently there are over twenty class actions for which we are signing up our clients, and they total 8 billion dollars in potential recoveries. Our expert team has already recovered 100s of millions for thousands of clients, including numerous Fortune 500 companies. 

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Virtual Payments for Accounts Payable


Automate accounts payable, eliminate checks, and generate revenue when paying suppliers with Virtual Card Payments.  Virtual card payments is an accounts payable payment alternative to checks and ACH.

Our Accounts Payable Automation platform works with an organization's existing accounting software, and there’s no need to change banking relationships. Businesses save both time and money by automating their accounts payable and converting 100% of their payments to electronic.  Businesses also benefit from rebates earned when paying suppliers with Virtual Payments.  Every $10 million in Accounts Payable, paid with virtual card payments, could add over $100,000 in additional revenue to their bottom line. Businesses have to pay their suppliers anyway, so why not turn the Accounts Payable department into a revenue generating department

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Energy Auction



The reverse auction energy program works much the same way as e-Bay, except instead of bidding the price up, the goal is to bid the price down. An energy deal is presented for auction based on the customer’s specified terms. Suppliers then bid directly against each other electronically during a pre-specified bidding period for the right to service that deal. The lowest priced bidder wins, thus ensuring that the customer gets the best possible deal for saving on their energy cost while expending the least amount of time and effort on their part..

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